True Love Spoken Here

Yes, it’s true. These 56 inspired “Conversations with the Sacred Heart of Jesus” (on two CD’s) enable you to truly fall in love with God in a new pathway to the wellsprings of His Sacred Heart. Each will touch your heart in a unique, personal way to encourage your reflections for their application in your life, as you come to love Him as you may never have before.

Written over a period of three years, this is the first part of a vast collection all dedicated to His Sacred Heart. The author, Margaret Claire, (Her pen name,) shows us how anyone who truly desires to love Him can grow, as She did, to love Him as He desires, passionately, even obsessively, to reach a higher level of union with His Sacred Heart of Love. Each conversation expresses a new thought or emotion, but always all about Him, In some, Jesus speaks to us, too. It’s an example for our time, finally a “how to” of loving with “all your heart, mind, strength and soul.”

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