Why the Need for Renewal

In these troubled times, when so many men and women, families and young people are deeply troubled by the afflictions of modern life, there has never been a greater need (or opportunity) to look to, and rely on, the One never failing Resource that can be of help in all our problems and necessities, as well as a sure means of attaining perfection and salvation. That is the practice of the Devotion to the Sacred Heart of Jesus. Yet the practice of the love of, and devotion to, the Sacred Heart is one of the most neglected Devotions by a majority of Catholics.

Our Mission

The primary purpose of our apostolic mission is to promote the renewal of the Devotion among all Catholics, especially young people and families, who may have grown up with years of CCD only and, therefore, never learned the meaning or value of “First Friday” or the “Nine Fridays”.  Nor are they aware of the tremendous spiritual and temporal blessings and graces, (so terribly needed today), which Our Lord is willing to shower upon those who have a true love for Him and who especially respect and venerate the Blessed Sacrament.

These are the hallmarks of the Devotion, as is our Lord’s desire to have Catholics make reparation for the neglect, indifference and ingratitude of the majority that results in His being left alone, abandoned and forgotten on our altars, never visited to offer consolation for such neglect, though He has given us the miracle of His Divine Presence in the Blessed Sacrament as a supreme gift to us in His desire to be always with us.

This Devotion is so pleasing to Jesus Christ that He can refuse nothing to those who practice it. He made this promise to St. Margaret Mary, whom he used to propagate it.