Love Poems

The following is a collection of love poems and prayers inspired by and in devotion to The Sacred Heart of Jesus.

They are expressions of one human heart’s struggle and journey, of a deep desire and reaching out for union with the Divine Heart. It is also the story of His response to this desire with the abundant treasures of love, joy, peace and the graces which have as their Source this most Perfect and Sacred Heart.

It is our hope at Heart to Heart that these love expressions to His Sacred Heart will speak to the searching generations of our time and will inspire new and deeper devotion to His Sacred heart, both in contemporary forms and in the traditional devotions to His Sacred Heart.

Since many of the poems, are, in essence, beautiful prayers of love to Him, it is highly recommended that those who wish to advance in their spiritual closeness and unity with His Divine Heart, will recite those that most speak your feelings daily.

Two of His 12 Promises to those who practice the devotion faithfully with great love for Him and His Sacred Heart are that: “tepid souls shall become fervent” and that “fervent souls shall quickly mount to high perfection”. After you read them, slowly, as prayers, we believe these poems will present His love for you to you in a way you have never before in your life experienced Him and the enormity of His love and sacrifice for us all. Feeling this, we are confident that you will reach a higher level of unity with His Heart than you have ever reached before.

More will be added as the Spirit so inspires, so please check back frequently.

All poems and prayers are copyrighted by Heart to Heart, on behalf of the author, who wishes to remain anonymous, since the prayers and poems were created initially as personal expressions of love for Him and to preserve the desire to keep the pure motivations of love for Him, without any wish for financial gain. Permission for reprinting any of the poems or prayers may be granted by the author upon written request to Heart to Heart without cost.”


Imagine a Heart
that is so close to you
that every cell in yours feels as if
it is touching this Heart,
being bathed in its Light and Love.

Imagine that this Heart is alive,
beating, loving, and that every beat
you feel completely,
as it if were your own,
moving in you.

Imagine that there is nothing more tender
than this Heart,
that every movement, every touch is of complete,
pure Love, completely overwhelmingly
tender Love and compassion,
and sweetest joy
beyond explanation.

Imagine that this Heart desires your love,
your tenderness, your touch.
Imagine that this Heart longs
to be cradled in your love,
to be held close,
to be cherished above all else.

Imagine that above all else
you desire to hold this Heart close,
to surrender all you are,
to the very core of your being,
to this Heart, this Love, this touch of the Divine.

Imagine that this is what this most Sacred Heart desires as well,
deeply, completely, and that you touch deeply
to the deepest core of your being;
everything you are centers in this most Sacred Heart,
and you are one, in Love more precious that life.

Imagine that He breathes into your soul
to hold Him this close forever.
Imagine that you have just breathed into His Heart
that you desire to hold Him this close forever,
to never be separated for a moment.

Imagine the mutual longing and desire
for love fulfilled, in deepest,
surrendering union of Love.
Imagine the Love of our God
for the smallest human heart.

Handmaid of His Heart
© 2002 Heart to Heart


I came, stumbling
across the threshold of your house
falling into pieces on your floor.
Once again, the vessel broken
scattering across the Holy Ground of your Presence.
Only so precious few hours, no, minutes, before
had I petitioned for Your Strength,
Your Wisdom, Your Holy Silence and your Peace.

And here I was, in pieces,
Broken intentions, fallen to the floor
As my tears of failure.
I love you so much
Why can’t I do what I intend for You?
Why do I always fail?
Why can I not step into
the Silence of Your Love
when I am tempted?
Why is it so hard?

Your precious hands pick up my pieces
so lovingly holding them together
and making me whole again
with the glue of your Love.

And then,
as if that wasn’t enough,
You poured Yourself out into my chalice
to overflowing,
Baptizing me once again
in your Love,
Holding me together with your Strength
Picking me up with Your Courage
Molding me.

Into my ear You Whispered
Words of Love and Hope
Words of comfort
In Your Plan.

You poured Yourself out
To overflowing.
Overflow, you said,
Into my people.

All praise be Yours, my Lord, My Life,
For Your loving kindness and mercy.

6/5/99 ©


O Lamb of God,
So gentle, so pure,
The Unblemished One,
You, who brought us life,
You who brought us Hope,
You who brought us Love,
A love so immense
Even the universe and eternity
Cannot contain it.
You ask so little in return.
You, who gave until every precious drop of Blood
Drained from Your Body,
Breathing words of love and mercy until the end,
Have mercy on us!

Most Holy One,
Behind Your gentle eyes lies an
Eternity wrapped within
Your Sacred Heart of Love
Receive our hearts into Yours!

You, Lord, could have been anything
But You chose to be Love:
Pure, unblemished,
Unaffected by time and neglect,
Ever-hoping, ever-waiting
For a small return of our love.
Ever knocking at the cold door
Of our hardened hearts.
You whisper through the
Cracks in our hearts.
You weep in the cold,
The wounds in Your hands and feet aching,
Your pierced side seeping still
The precious Blood of Life Eternal,
The water of forgiveness.
But You die on that Cross alone, again,
In a world
That seldom hears You
That seldom see You,
That turns away from Your precious gift of Yourself.
Forgive us for we know not what we do!

“The foxes have their lairs
The birds of the sky have their nests,
But the Son of Man
Has nowhere to to lay His head.” (Luke 9:58)

The world of sin and weakness
Could never be home
To a love as pure as Yours.
Lord, we throw open the doors
Of our hardened heart for You, our Perfect Lord!
Take comfort in our imperfect love
And find in our hearts a place
Washed clean by Your Sacrifice,
Made whole in Your Love,
A place of comfort to lay Your head and heart!
Teach us to love You, O Lord.
Teach us to love You as You desire, O Lord!
May you find Your rest in us,
May we find our rest in You.

11/1/99 ©


O Holy Communion of Life and Love,
My Precious Lord,
I see as through Your eyes
That Upper Room
So warm, so full of Your Precious Love
And their hope in You.
Your heart wells up with Love,
Your eyes with tears
As you slowly gaze at them, so innocent…
How Your Heart desires to hold this moment
How Your Heart desires to hold their faith
And touch their hearts with Your Love.
Your heart tears as you tear the bread
Knowing all too soon they will betray You, deny You.
How You long for their innocent love,
Their trusting faith, to hold in Your Heart
Protecting it from the darkness to come!
As You hold the bread in Your hands, hesitating,
Everything You are pours into this Bread.
As You break the Bread, Your Sacred Heart breaks, also.
The Passion begins.
Sharing Your Broken Body with those You love
Your Sacred Heart burns, longing for this moment
“I have longed with all my Heart to share this supper with you.”
You look deep into the chalice of red wine.
A tear drops and mingles with the wine of forgiveness,
A token of Your humanity and ours.
As You speak Your words of Love
The wine becomes Your Precious Blood.
As You gaze into the depths of the chalice
You see what is to come, drinking in with Your Spirit
Your Covenant of Love.
Passing the Chalice of Your Blood to Your people
They drink of it, sealing their Covenant with You
In Your Eternal Love.

O Holy Communion of Love
You stand before us like a floodgate,
Aching to pour forth Your contents,
You long for and wait for our glance of recognition!
A faithful loving glance and Your Host Body
Crumbles as the floodgate opens
And we are flooded with Your Graces and Love
And made new.

O Sacred Floodgate of Love
Break through our hearts and flood our souls.

11/5-6/99 ©


As Your Love pours out to me
And mine returns to You, its Source,
As the waves crashing to the shore
Will, when intense, mix with the tide returning to the sea,
Becoming that swirling, churning mixture
Until it is hard to separate the coming in from the going out,
So our Love becomes that sweet mix
Swirling, churning, bubbling with Life

Lord, Your love to me is more precious than life!
Swirl me, churn me in Your Precious Life
Until there is no separation between us
And I am lost in You!

11/7/99 ©


Reaching, stretching, grasping for Your Love,
Your treasures of joy and peace come tumbling upon me
Covering me in Your wondrous riches,
Lifting my heart to Yours!

I touch Your Sacred Heart with the hands of my love
And sense something more precious than words can describe!
Your Sacred Heart, so full of Love and Sorrow,
Moves with my touch and is changed!!
There, in Your Kingdom of Eternal Love,
My reaching, grasping turns YOUR Sorrow into JOY!

How tenderly You move
Touching my heart, drawing it into Yours.
Every cell in my body transformed
In Your waterfall of Joy and Love,
Tasting heaven,
My soul rests in the Eternal Peace
Of Your embrace.

11/7/99 ©


O Lord of Life,

I have heard You crying day and night
Outside the hearts of Your people.
You call out to them and wait for their answer!
“See my love for you?” You cry.
“Hear my love for you?”, You moan.
“Open the door of your hearts to Me”, You beg.
“Without Me you are lost.
“Within Me you are found.”
I feel Your pain echoed in my heart
And my heart cries out for You.
I am here for You, my Lord.
Take me!

As You enter my heart
My soul is flooded with Your Life.
The deep waters of my love stir
And as fountains, spring forth
In Joy and Peace and Longing.
“Where are my people?”, You cry to me.
“Can they not hear my cries?”
I am here, I whisper.

“My Love brings them Life”, You tenderly cry.
“Why is this so Hard?”
As Your heart is pierced once again
Your tears wash through my soul
And spring forth fertile ground.
You hand me the keys.
“Open their hearts for Me”,
Your Sacred Heart sighs.
I am here, I whisper.

11/15/99 ©


As I approach You,
Slowly bringing myself
Into Your Presence,
I see You trembling,
Shaking with pain.
You gasp for breath,
Your brow dripping with Blood,
Your Body a mass of
Bruises and torn flesh.

I want to meet Your eyes
But I am afraid.
How can my human heart endure
The pain I see in Your face?

You are so Holy.
You are so Pure.
Your Sacred Heart bursting with love
Slowly loses it’s beat
And soon will be still.

Your eyes raise to meet mine
As You are gasping Your last breaths.
How can I look away?
There, as You struggle with Your
last moments of life,
I meet Your eyes.
Your trembling gaze becomes mine
As I gaze into Your eyes of Eternal Love.
Melting within, I tremble, I fall,
Robbed of strength to resist.

In Your eyes, a landscape of love
Spreads before me leading to
Your Sacred Heart,
The Eternal City,
Full of Light with no shadows,
Flowing with sweetness like honey.
For a moment I forget
The pain and trembling and gasping,
Lost in Your Love and Sweetness.

Then Your eyelids flutter closed.
“No!”, I scream. “Not this! Not Now! Please!”
Your Sacred Head drops to Your shoulder.
I reach out to You
As Life drains from Your Body.
You slump, tearing your numb flesh.
My heart breaks at this sight
Flooding to You in love.
“Please let me love You back to life!”, I cry.

Darkness gathers, the earth shakes.
Disoriented, I stumble at Your feet.
I reach out to touch Your lifeless Body.
Your Blood on my hands,
I bury myself in You.
Forgive me, Lord, my soul cries out!

Remembering Your Promises,
My heart grows still.

Forgive me, Lord, I breathe.
Strengthen me, Lord, I sigh.
Cleanse me, Lord, I weep.

Let me love You, Lord,
Until Your pain is gone.

And then raise me with You.
On the Last Day.

11/18/99 ©


How often we return to our first love,
Our first ways of finding You.

Do you remember , my Lord?
When as a young child, maybe 7 or 8,
How I slipped into Your presence
After benediction?
Do You remember that church, darkened,
still with the aroma of incense?
Do you remember how I quietly knelt in the first pew,
Closest to You, I gazed upon Your Face on the crucifix?
So long You held me in that gaze.
So tenderly You touched my heart.
So sweetly You broke my heart.

Your face, resting so helplessly on Your shoulder,
Your closed eyes, so soft, so surrendering,
Betraying the love You held even unto death,
Your arms outstreched, nailed down,
allowing all our abuse unchecked.
Your side pouring forth Your precious redeeming blood
mixed with the water of our cleansing.

How could we hurt You like this,
The One who could only love?
How could you bear the pain of our nails?
But more, the abandonment? The humiliation?

Overwhelmed with Your sacrificial love,
Tears trickled down my face.
How could I stop Your pain?
Could my love for You ease Your pain?
Comfort You?
They say You had to die for us to live,
but did You have to die like this?

Again, in my eternal pose at the foot of Your Cross,
I still ask the same questions.
Can my love for You ease Your pain?
Comfort You? Touch Your heart?
I pour out my love, Your love,
Hoping to fill your wounds
With the balm of love and repentance.
Can our love now make that eternal moment for You
Less lonely, less painful?
As You hung on that cross, so long ago,
Could You sense then how You were drawing us to You today?
If we had just loved You and obeyed You from the beginning,
Would it have been the same?
Or has this always been Your plan?

6/24/99 ©


Heart of Love,
Cast out fear and doubt,
Pour in love and joy and sacrifice.
Take every atom of my body,
Every part of my soul
And make it yours.
Fill me so completely
That You spill out
Into Your people through me.
Oh Fire of Love, burn in my heart
Casting Your love out and
Catching hold in the hearts of others.
Let me burn with Your Love,
Kindled by sacrifice and
Kept aflame by Your Word and Your Life,
Your Body and Your Blood.
Help me to carry my crosses
Diligently yet peacefully.
Let me find joy in sharing Your Cross.
Let my love for You bathe Your wounds
And numb Your Sacred Heart
From the pain of indifference.
Take away anything lukewarm
And replace it with Your Fire.
May my tears of repentance
Lift the weight of our sins
That tears at Your hands and feet on Your Cross.
May the breathe of my prayers soothe,
May the drops of my love
Quench Your thirst
As You have mine
And may my heart mingle with Yours
In joy and sorrow
And in love eternal.

10/14/99 ©


O Come Emannuel, God with us!
Send us Your Sacred Heart of Love!

You, O God, though infinitely majestic.
Are not a God of distances and detachment
But a God of intimate and passionate
Communion with your people.

Your love, O God,
Though beyond our comprehension,
Still pours unceasingly
From Your Throne to our hearts.
You, in Your Gentle Mercy,
Though we shunned Your Precious Love,
Still sent the dearest Gift You could give us,
Your only Son, the Unblemished Lamb,
Light from Your Light,
Heart from Your Heart.

You sent Him not to judge
You sent Him not to punish,
But to take our place
And to die our death.
So that we might live.

You sent Him to love Your love to us
You sent Him to love our love to You.

The Eternal Fountain,
The Sacred Heart of Hearts,
Poured out His Love
More sweetly with each pain,
More gently with each scourge,
More mercifully with each insult,
Until that Sacred Heart,
Pouring out its Precious contens,
Breathing Words of Mercy,
Gave up the Spirit
into Your Heart of Love.

God With Us, You promised us.
But You have always been with us.
It is we who have always been
Without You.

O, Emmanuel, come!
And fill our hearts with Your love!
Inflame us with Your Passion!
While we await Your Eternal Banquet
In Communion
With Your Precious
Heart of Love.

11/22/99 ©


As Your hand reaches for mine,
I see Your scars,
A remembrance of my past ,
An acknowledgement of my present.
I cringe at the sight,
Knowing full well my part
In your pain.

In Your Mercy, still,
You offer Your hand
Inviting my love,
Forgiving my ignorance,
Dissolving my arrogance,
Giving strength to my weakness.

As I take Your hand in mine.
Your warm, strong touch of love
Dissolves the bars on my heart.
My heart seeks Yours and
Like the sinful woman
My tears wash Your wounds,
My love seeking to heal.

You, in Your infinite kindness,
Wipe away my tears.
Drawing my eyes to Yours
You betray no accusations, no bitterness,
As Your gaze floods through my soul
Making all things new.

11/24/99 ©


Sheltered in Your love,
My heart moves to trust.
Cracking open the shell of fear
I stretch my wings of true freedom
And dream of flying.

Come closer, You whisper
And grow in my care.
Feed on my caresses,
Drink of My Love.
Grow strong in my embrace.
Your time will come
When we will fly,

The wind catches my wings;
I feel tremblings of future soarings.
I breathe in the wind and stretch my wings.
Then I turn to You,
My true love,
My true freedom.
Finding comfort in Your embrace
I rest near Your Heart
And dream.

11/23/99 ©


As I slumber
Your alarm goes off
In my heart.

My eyes opening to You,
Like a lover reaching
For a morning embrace,
My heart reaches for Yours,
O Sacred Heart.

In the quiet of the early hours
My mind absorbs like a sponge
Your silent words.
My heart moves to Your Heart,
Is absorbed and then lost in You.
You know how much I love You,
Need You, and desire what You desire.
I turn to Your beckoning
And am filled with the nectar
Of Your love.
Sleepless now, we converse
In silence.

11/24/99 ©


As I close my eyes to the world,
Resting in Your Sacred Heart,
You wrap Your Heart around me
Like a cocoon.

Peace and joy surround me
Binding me, trapping me so willingly
In Your love, now burning in my heart.
I lie suspended.
Wanting to be nowhere else
My thoughts rest with You.
I am comforted and grow still.
My heart bounds to Yours.
I joyfully await
Our Resurrection.

11/25/99 ©