About the Author

About the Pilgrim:

Moving through a life filled with challenges and dreams, joys and sorrows, as a (now single) mother of five, writer, youth minister, religious education director, theater director, artist, musician, while still a lover of nature and wilderness…

…yet I have struggled through disillusionment, confusion, divorce, death, injustice, failure, chronic illness and the range of heartbreak and failures, joys and inspirations that come with our lives.

Along my journey, through struggles, He has formed me in the crucible of life leading me to His Sacred Heart.

Through trials and graces I have come to know and love deeply the most Perfect, most Sacred Heart of my Lord, Jesus. The prayers you read are of my journey through these struggles and graces to the Heart of my Beloved where I continue to struggle with my failures and trials, yet am overwhelmed by His tender love, mercy and graces.

It is my greatest hope and desire to love Him as He so desires to be loved, immensely, completely, tenderly, and to share this treasure of love He offers with His people, moving hearts to love Him deeply as He so desires and deserves.

-Margaret Clare